Picture mounts finish your prints off

We offer a volume or bespoke mounting service to finish off your fine art giclée prints ready for framing or bagged ready for putting into a gallery browser.

We can manufacture various types of mounts, all of high quality and acid free.

A fine art giclée print is one thing but by just adding a mount and putting it into a resealable bag makes all the difference and turns it into the finished article.

We only use the museum quality mount board and backboard for your print to be mounted onto. A lot of people don’t realise that if you put a print into a frame without a mount it will degrade quicker over time as the whole point of mounts is to put a barrier between the giclée and the picture frame glass.

Picture mount boards come in a whole range of colours but sometimes simple is best with a nice crisp white mount board, it sets most prints off perfectly. Your eye focusses on your beautiful fine art giclée print and not the mount colour.

There are many ways you can jazz up mounts in very easy and economic ways. A double mount with a 5mm size difference, a white on top with a colour behind giving a coloured borders effect works well too. There are endless options which we would be happy to discuss with you.

We can offer a very competitive volume finished product for 50 plus units.