Giclée printing discounts have been made even better!.

We have what we think are generous discounts but realise in the current market very little helps when making that decision of how many giclée copies to commit to.

Instead of quantity discounts being calculated per image we now make it per print size.

Sizes can be anything you like but must be the same paper dimensions to qualify.

Our discounts are per order as follows, using A3 Expression smooth 300 gsm paper as an example

1 to 5 copies £8 each

6 to 19 copies £7 each

20 plus copies £6 each

Now it means if you have 2 images x 3 copies off each you reach the 6 to 19 price of £7 each not £8 as before.

3 images with 6 off 1st, 7 of 2nd and 7 off 3rd you reach the 20 plus £6 each price, and so on.

VAT and delivery will be added to our prices.

We feel this must help and if you have any suggestions about alternative options please feel free to comment.

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